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    NACH – Mandate Management System (MMS)

Overview - FincraftTMNACH授权管理系统(MMS)

The National Automated Clearing House (NACH) mandate was released by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI implemented a web-based solution to enable direct debit and direct credit transactions across businesses and consumers while eluding the high priced credit card payment networks and processing fee of paper based checks.


与FincraftTMMandate Management System banks can now streamline payments processing and improve operational efficiency.

Mandate management is a solution designed according to the guidelines of NPCI that helps in creation, amendment and cancellation of mandates for NACH debit and credit transactions. It is an online system to handle incoming data from destination after being processed and validated as per NPCI.

奈利托has developed an online application that acts as a bridge between the bank and NPCI so that end-to-end operations for NACH mandates are met. The system has been designed according to the guidelines and standards of NPCI. The solution helps in reconciliation of mandates. The security and other standards are also maintained as per NPCI. Member banks can build their own solutions to address specific corporate and user needs for mandate management, thus ensuring better efficiency in customer service through a predominant mandate management system.

Key Features

  • 扫描/生成和验证授权
  • Intelligent automation to reduce processing time
  • Seamless integration to the bank's core banking system
  • 集中授权存储库
  • Compliance with international standards
  • 呼叫管理的互动语音响应
  • Preparation of mass mailers
  • 错误报告


  • 更好地跟踪授权
  • High level automation
  • Reduction in turnaround time
  • Avoid the high interchange fees of the credit card companies
  • Significant cost savings
  • NACH aids financial inclusion
  • Efficient customer complaint management system


  • Bank has implemented CBS of Nelito Ltd in the year 2008-09 in phase manner. Also integrated RTGS/NEFT, CTS, MMS etc. which help us in smooth automation of banking operation.

    K.T.瓦迪亚(首席执行官)The Sutex Co-op Bank Ltd

  • For a Bank of our size, this system suffices and is very cost effective. Almost all of the bank's activities run on the one system. Nelito constitutes a partner more than a supplier and the relationship includes provision of the bank's underlying technology as well as its Fincraft range of applications.

    ChairmanThe Nainital Bank Ltd.

  • 支持非常好。及时完成查询的解决方案。

    Kprafula Ranjan(首席执行官)贾坎德邦州库库银行

  • We appreciate for support from Delivery/Support team for any issue/query, we are very much satisfied with the services given by Nelito Team.

    Sanjay Kumar Singh(头部技术)贾坎德邦合作银行有限公司

  • 自2009年以来,我们一直在与Nelito Systems Ltd合作。与Nelito Systems Ltd合作确实是很棒的体验。他们提供了有关CBS的新想法和想法,并不停地工作以适应我们的需求和欲望。他们是真正而精英的公司,他们愿意帮助客户实现优质最终产品,而有爱心和富有同情心的员工。

    Sudeep Desai / Chirag Patel (I.T. Officer)The Baroda City Co-Op Bank Ltd.


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